EZ Test for Shops

In 1996, EZ Test was the first company in the world to make drug testing kits available to the general public.

Our extensive range of test kits can provide your customers with a valuable tool that can tell the difference between the bullshit in the market and the real thing.

Testing drugs before taking them is a smart thing to do.
It saves lives…..

More reagents than any other brand

We have tests for: MDMA, Ecstasy, MDMA Purity, Cocaine, Cocaine Cuts, Cocaine Purity, Ketamine, GHB, LSD, Levamisole, Ephedrine, Opiates, Heroin, Heroin Purity, Fentanyl, Valium, Diazepam, Rohypnol, Bath Salts, Mephedrone, Methylone, THC, Synthetic Cannabinoids, mCPP, PMMA , Levamisole, Phenacetine, Methoxetamine, Bath Salts, MDPV and many more….

When it comes to drugs: EZ does it!


EZ Test Guarantee

Quick and Easy to use

EZ Test GuaranteeEZ Test is a major provider of DIY drug testing kits for professionals and individuals who need to quickly identify a suspect sample.

Reliable and Accurate

EZ Test is 100% legalFind out if a sample contains what would be expected or if it has another substance in it. It is better to know what you take!

Results in Seconds

EZ Test 30 secondsEZ Test will show results within seconds.  Reliable and accurate DIY drug testing kits.

Safe and easy to use.

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